Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis in UAE

Root cause analysis is procedural and helps guide the analyst or problem solver to arrive, discover, and understand the real causes of problems and therefore arrive at a conclusion that may lead to the development of a practical solution that will prevent the recurrence of that problem. It is a quality improvement approach used to identify, understand, resolve root causes of problems and incidents. Using the well-known techniques in a different way which can be used effectively to produce a systematic, qualified, and documented approach to identify, understand, and resolve ineffective processes within the organization.

Root Cause Analysis Can Be Decomposed Into Four Steps:
  • Identify and describe clearly the problem.
  • Establish a timeline from the normal situation up to the time the problem occurred.
  • Distinguish between the root cause and other causal factors.
  • Establish a causal graph between the root cause and the problem.

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