Expert Report

Expert Report in Dubai

Court-appointed experts play an important role in UAE Courts regarding evidential issues in respect of all areas of law, especially civil and commercial laws, and even in some criminal cases if the Prosecutor General deems it necessary to appoint an expert concerning cases involving alleged criminal breach of trust.The appointment of the expert is referred to the court unless the parties have previously agreed to appoint specific expertise within the timeframe specified by the court. The parties are also entitled to request the appointment of an expert and the court may either accept or reject such a request.

A court expert is someone whose knowledge is much more supreme in a particular area and goes beyond what a layperson could expect. He provides his expertise to a court or tribunal to assist in comprehending the case difficulties and providing reasonable and right conclusions. They help in finding the facts but do not provide any decisions.

We at HALSCA provide expert services based on our skill, training, education, experience, and knowledge that help the trier or judge in understanding the evidence presented in court and determine facts in a particular issue. We are experienced in every area of law and are knowledgeable in a wide range of legal disciplines. To arrange a meeting with us, contact us right now.