Arbitration Lawyers in UAE

Arbitration is considered as the preferred method of dispute resolution in UAE. The alternative dispute resolution outside the court is Arbitration. Here at HALSCA, we are qualified as Arbitration Lawyers in UAE pursuant to Article (10) of Federal Law No. (6) of 2018 on Arbitration.

Why Arbitration

Arbitration has several advantages over litigation, including:

  • The proceedings are confidential (unless the parties agree otherwise).
  • Arbitrators with the requisite expertise can be appointed to deal with disputes involving technical subject matters.
  • Arbitrations can be conducted in English, or in any other language agreed to by the parties, whereas local court litigation is always in Arabic.
  • Oral evidence is permitted in arbitration, whereas only written submissions are generally permitted in the courts.
  • There are limited avenues for appealing arbitral awards and the merits of a decision cannot be challenged.

HALSCA, one of the best Arbitration Lawyers in UAE have an experienced team of lawyers with broad range of experience in arbitration. We provide client advise in arbitration matters which includes real estate, contract disputes, commercial disputes, and various construction related matters. We have experience in local and international arbitration matters and has given advise to multiple clients in various arbitration matters.

Arbitration Lawyers in UAE helps in attaining favourable judgement for the clients under the Dubai Arbitration Law and make sure that the rights of the client are protected while signing the agreement.

Here at HALSCA, we have a team of lawyers experienced in Dubai Arbitration Law and provide reliable arbitration services. We understand the needs of our clients and work towards solving their issues. For more details feel free to contact us by sending an email to or by call during business hours at +971 556519937.