Concurrent Audit

Benefits of Concurrent Audit

Short lead time for year end audits:

As the books are verified throughout the year by pre-determined intervals, the accounts can be closed immediately after the end of financial year. The statements can also be presented to the shareholders.

Compliance improvement:

Throughout our audit process we make sure not only the financial statements are free of error but also that the records comply with the prescribed UAE laws.

Quick decision making:

Concurrent audit helps the firm to make changes and adapt to new business methods and has the ability to evaluate whether the changes are working or not. The auditors can help in suggesting the firm regarding their financial aspect and implement changes in the current period.

Advanced error identification:

Concurrent audit means verification of books routinely. This will help to identify errors and mistakes earlier and can be rectified.

Requirements For Concurrent Audit

  • Loans & Advance checking
  • Cash balance
  • KYC Policy
  • Remittance
  • Deposits
  • Forex
  • Income Leakage
  • Others

HALSCA, one of the best Concurrent Auditors in UAE will help you bring up with a plan and design financial statements audit arrangements. We do not affect the operations of your business and adhere to professional standards. We are approved auditors in UAE with market experience and maintains personal relationships with our clients and provide top notch Concurrent Audit services in UAE.