Accounting supervision

Accounting supervision in UAE

Here at HALSCA, we provide Accounting Supervision services in UAE which is an alternative to the comprehensive outsourcing of accounting services. Accounting supervision services is similar to the functions of the Chief Accountant of the company. It is a form of collaboration where the accounting supervision allows the company to gain from partial outsourcing of the accounting functions. The external services of the chief accountant includes regular supervision of the clients accounting books at his seat or by remote access to the accounting records which depends on the technical capabilities. This assist in preventing the negative consequences from the books’ inability to adhere to the lawful regulations. The combination of external accounting supervision while keeping the books at the company helps in smooth transition from full external accounting to in-house accounting.

Our Accounting Supervision Services in UAE takes care of development, alteration, and implementation of a company’s chart of accounts, accounting policy development, developing budgets, assist in preparation of reporting documents such as financial statements, audit reports, consultations, accounting advisory, preparing and verifying tax declarations and many more.

Additionally, as an accounting supervisor, we would oversee and coordinate the staff of an accounting office or financial operations unit. We would provide leadership in various accounting and fiscal procedures, ensuring that they are performed correctly and that funds are managed according to the organization's goals and objectives. We would also be in charge of interviewing, hiring, and training new employees as well as performing periodic performance evaluations and administering disciplinary actions as necessary.